Northern Hemisphere

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  • Dwarf Pink Passion

    Dwarf Pink Passion is a regular leaf dwarf variety that produces heart shaped medium sized fruit that ripen to a crimson pink color. The flavor is well balanced and sweet, and the variety is very prolific. Photo by Tatiana Kouchnareva.

  • Dwarf Purple Heart

    Dwarf Purple Heart is a regular leaf dwarf variety that produces heart shaped medium to medium large fruit that ripen to a dusky rose purple hue. The flavor is well balanced and intense, and the variety is quite prolific. Photo by Patrina.

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    Dwarf Purple Heartthrob

    Dwarf Purple Heartthrob produces midseason, medium to medium large strongly heart-shaped purple fruit with nearly metallic looking green stripes. The interior is a rich burgundy crimson. Flavor is well balanced, very classically tomato-ey, and delicious.

  • Dwarf Round Robin

    Dwarf Round Robin is a regular leaf variety which produces a very heavy yield of round 2 ounce chocolate fruit with green stripes with an excellent, well balanced flavor.  Photo by Alexander Chumis

  • Dwarf Russian Swirl

    Dwarf Russian Swirl is a late-season rugose regular leaf dwarf with medium-large 6-12 oz oblate yellow-red bicolour fruits that have sweet well balanced flavours. Plants reach about a metre+ or a little over 3 feet by end of season and require support due to the weight of tomatoes. Photo by Patrina.

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    Dwarf Sarah’s Red

    Dwarf Sarah’s Red is a midseason regular leaf dwarf, 4-10 oz round to squarish red fruit, high yielding and with a nice balanced flavor.

  • Dwarf Saucy Mary

    Dwarf Saucy Mary is an early mid-season regular leaf dwarf, produces loads of 4-6 oz Roma-shaped green fleshed when ripe tomatoes fruit with dark and light green stripes, excellent yield and very flavorful. Photo by Heritage Tomato Seed.

  • Dwarf Scarlet Heart

    Dwarf Scarlet Heart is a mid-season regular leaf dwarf producing abundant small to medium 4-6 oz tasty meaty red hearts. Plants are compact at around 3 ft and have a wispy-leaf version of dwarf foliage so they are less dense than other project varieties. Photo by Patrina

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    Dwarf Snakebite

    Dwarf Snakebite has regular leaf dwarf plants which produce very good yields of medium large smooth pink fruit with a well balanced, delicious flavor. It should be considered as a medium-late variety.

  • Dwarf Sneaky Sauce

    Dwarf Sneaky Sauce is a midseason regular leaf dwarf that produces excellent yields of 4-6 oz red, meaty, slightly heart shaped tomatoes with a fine, well balanced, pleasant flavor. Photo by Patrina