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  • Dwarf Blazing Beauty

    Dwarf Blazing Beauty is a potato leaf dwarf variety that produces oblate medium to medium large fruit that ripen to a glowing medium orange hue. The flavor is intense and delicious with a distinct tartness. Photo by Patrina.

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    Dwarf Jeremy’s Stripes

    Dwarf Jeremy’s Stripes is a regular leaf variety which produces a very heavy yield of round 2 ounce (on average) orange fruit with green stripes with an excellent, well balanced flavor.

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    Dwarf Laura’s Bounty

    Dwarf Laura’s Bounty has regular leaf plants which are very productive, and the medium sized (average 4 oz) orange paste type tomatoes are produced in abundance and possess a pleasant, balanced flavor. It is a mid to late season variety.

  • Dwarf Orange Cream

    Dwarf Orange Cream is a mid-season rugose potato leaf dwarf reaching about a metre+/ 3-4 ft by end of season. Fruits are medium-large 8 – 12oz smooth oblate pale orange, and have an intense taste with a lively tang. Photo by Patrina.

  • Dwarf Parfait

    Dwarf Parfait is a potato leaf variety which produces lots of medium to large (6-12 oz) clear skinned, green fleshed tomatoes with a distinct orange core with a well balanced, delightful flavor. It is considered a mid- to late-season variety. Photo by Alexander Chumis

  • Dwarf Perfect Harmony

    Dwarf Perfect Harmony is a potato leaf dwarf which produces good yields of medium-large (8-10 oz) bright orange oblate tomatoes with a distinctly tart, full flavor; it is a relatively late bearing variety.  Photo by Alexander Chumis

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    Dwarf Sunny’s Pear

    Dwarf Sunny’s Pear has regular leaf plants that produce lots of 1-2 oz yellow orange paste to plum shaped tomatoes with a well balanced, pleasant flavor. It is considered a midseason variety.

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    Dwarf Tanager

    Dwarf Tanager is a vigorous rugose potato leaf dwarf plant that produces excellent yields of smooth, oblate medium to medium large sized (6-10 ounce) bright pale orange fruit with an intense flavor that leans to the tart end of the flavor spectrum.

  • Loxton Lad

    Loxton Lad is a mid-season rugose regular leaf dwarf producing large smooth oblate orange fruit in the 9 – 18oz range, meaty and juicy. Support is necessary to prevent branches breaking from the weight of fruit. Photo by Patrina.

  • Loxton Lass

    Loxton Lass​ is an early to mid-season rugose regular leaf dwarf producing medium smooth oblate orange fruit in the 7 – 10oz range. They are delicious, tender sweet and juicy and earlier than Loxton Lad. Photo by Patrina.