Northern Hemisphere

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    Dwarf Speckled Heart

    Dwarf Speckled Heart produces smooth medium sized heart shaped tomatoes in abundance, of a brilliant scarlet red with golden stripes. Though its meatiness makes it perfect for sauces, the depth of balanced, rich flavor lead to uses for sandwiches and salads.

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    Dwarf Sunny’s Pear

    Dwarf Sunny’s Pear has regular leaf plants that produce lots of 1-2 oz yellow orange paste to plum shaped tomatoes with a well balanced, pleasant flavor. It is considered a midseason variety.

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    Dwarf Suz’s Beauty

    Dwarf Suz’s Beauty has regular leaf plants which produce lots of medium sized (5-8 ounce) slightly oblate bright yellow tomatoes with red stripes, and the yellow flesh has a central red blush. The flavor is distinctive, assertive and well balanced.

  • Dwarf Sweet Sue

    Dwarf Sweet Sue is a potato leaf dwarf variety that produces round to oblate medium sized fruit that ripen to bright yellow with a pink blossom end blush. The flavor is outstanding – well balanced and sweet, and the variety is quite prolific. Photo by Victory Seeds.

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    Dwarf Tanager

    Dwarf Tanager is a vigorous rugose potato leaf dwarf plant that produces excellent yields of smooth, oblate medium to medium large sized (6-10 ounce) bright pale orange fruit with an intense flavor that leans to the tart end of the flavor spectrum.

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    Dwarf Tiger Eye

    Dwarf Tiger Eye is a regular leaf plant that produces lots of 4-6 ounce brown colored paste tomatoes with a
    wonderfully balanced, pleasant flavor. It averages as a midseason variety.

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    Dwarf Velvet Night

    Dwarf Velvet Night is an early to mid season regular leaf dwarf, variably sized cherry tomato ranging from 1-3 oz and purple in color, excellent yield and flavor.

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    Dwarf Vince’s Haze

    Dwarf Vince’s Haze is a potato leaf variety which produces high yields of medium to large oblate purple fruit (5-10 oz) with an intense, delicious well balanced flavor, and is a mid to late season variety.

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    Dwarf Walter’s Fancy

    Dwarf Walter’s Fancy has potato leaf variegated foliage and medium to large (6-12 ounce) oblate ivory colored tomatoes. Yields are consistently high for this mid to late season dwarf variety, and the flavor is outstanding, well balanced between sweet tart and quite intense.

  • Dwarf Wild Fred

    Dwarf Wild Fred is a regular leaf dwarf variety that produces oblate medium to medium large fruit that ripen to a dusky rose purple hue. The flavor is well balanced and sweet, and the variety is quite prolific. Photo by Patrina.