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  • Clare Valley Red

    Clare Valley Red is an early season regular leaf variety which produces abundant round red small to medium tomatoes with typical tomato flavour all season long on a compact plant to around 3ft / one metre. Photo by Patrina.

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    Dwarf Awesome

    Dwarf Awesome is a mid to late-season regular leaf dwarf that produces high yields of 6-8 oz round to oblate yellow tomatoes with red blushing in and out, possessing a well-balanced, delicious taste.

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    Dwarf Buddy’s Heart

    Dwarf Buddy’s Heart is a mid-season, scarlet red heart shaped medium sized very meaty tomato on a regular leaf, rugose foliage dwarf plant. This is a tomato with a rich, balanced flavor whose texture makes it particularly useful in sauce preparations.

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    Dwarf Edith Stone

    Dwarf Edith Stone produces medium sized, mid-season fruit which are smooth, scarlet red with yellow stripes, very tasty and abundant.

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    Dwarf Franklin County

    Dwarf Franklin County is a midseason potato leaf dwarf, 2-4 oz oblate red mini beefsteak (consider it a large distinctive cherry tomato), high yield and very nice flavor.

  • Dwarf Hannah’s Prize

    Dwarf Hannah’s Prize is a mid to mid-late season regular leaf dwarf, 6-12 oz round red fruit, excellent yields and very nice well-balanced flavor. Photo by Heritage Tomato Seed.

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    Dwarf Maura’s Cardinal

    Dwarf Maura’s Cardinal  produces medium sized (4-8 oz) red round tomatoes with a well balanced, delicious flavor. Plants reach around a metre+ / 3-4 ft by end of season. It is a prolific potato leaf variety and fruit ripens midseason.

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    Dwarf Sarah’s Red

    Dwarf Sarah’s Red is a midseason regular leaf dwarf, 4-10 oz round to squarish red fruit, high yielding and with a nice balanced flavor.

  • Dwarf Scarlet Heart

    Dwarf Scarlet Heart is a mid-season regular leaf dwarf producing abundant small to medium 4-6 oz tasty meaty red hearts. Plants are compact at around 3 ft and have a wispy-leaf version of dwarf foliage so they are less dense than other project varieties. Photo by Patrina

  • Dwarf Sneaky Sauce

    Dwarf Sneaky Sauce is a midseason regular leaf dwarf that produces excellent yields of 4-6 oz red, meaty, slightly heart shaped tomatoes with a fine, well balanced, pleasant flavor. Photo by Patrina