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    Banana Toes

    Banana Toes has regular leaf dwarf plants which produce a heavy yield of medium sized (3 ounce average) bright yellow Roma-type fruit with the classic consistency of a paste tomato. The flavor is mild and pleasant, and the fruit keep for a long time after picking. It should be considered an early to mid season variety.

  • Banksia Queen

    Banksia Queen is a regular leaf dwarf variety that produces oblate medium to medium large fruit that ripen to a bright yellow color with pale yellow flesh. The flavor is balanced, fruity sweet. Photo by Patrina

  • Barossa Fest

    Barossa Fest is a mid-season indeterminate potato leaf dwarf and is among the tallest of its type reaching around 4 1/2 feet by end of season. It produces abundant small pale yellow globes that have a sweet and tangy combination of flavours, bright and fresh on the palate and delicious. Photo by Patrina

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    Dwarf Awesome

    Dwarf Awesome is a mid to late-season regular leaf dwarf that produces high yields of 6-8 oz round to oblate yellow tomatoes with red blushing in and out, possessing a well-balanced, delicious taste.

  • Dwarf Barossa Moon

    Dwarf Barossa Moon is a prolific midseason potato leaf dwarf producing  2-4 oz ivory colored fruit that range from round to oval with a mildly sweet, slightly citrus flavor. Photo by Patrina.

  • Dwarf Confetti

    Dwarf Confetti in a mid to late season regular leaf dwarf, 8-12 oz round to slightly oblate bright yellow fruit with yellow and pink stripes, yellow flesh with some pink marbling, high yielding and delicious. Photo by Heritage Tomato Seed.

  • Dwarf Egypt Yellow

    Dwarf Egypt Yellow is a midseason regular leaf dwarf, 6-12 oz bright yellow round fruit, very good balanced flavor and very good yield. Photo by Heritage Tomato Seed.

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    Dwarf Elsie’s Fancy

    Dwarf Elsie’s Fancy has potato leaf variegated foliage and medium to large (6-12 ounce) yellow fruit. Yields are consistently high for this mid to late season dwarf variety, and the flavor is outstanding, well balanced between sweet tart and quite intense.

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    Dwarf Galen’s Yellow

    Dwarf Galen’s Yellow is a vigorous bushy potato leaf dwarf producing very high yields of very slightly oblate 1 ounce (on average) golden yellow colored cherry tomatoes with a balanced, sweet flavor. It is on average an early season variety.

  • Dwarf Golden Gypsy

    Dwarf Golden Gypsy is a mid-season potato leaf dwarf with heavy yields of medium to large smooth oblate yellow fruit in the 8 – 18oz range. Plants reach about a metre+/ 3-4 ft by end of season. Photo by Wendy Montanez.