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  • Dwarf Mahogany

    Dwarf Mahogany is a mid-season regular leaf dwarf with heavy yields of mahogany brown medium-large oblate fruit in the 8-10 oz range, rich and tasty. Plants have sturdy stems, robust rugose foliage, and reach approximately a metre/ 3 ft tall requiring support due to the weight of tomatoes. Photo by Tatiana Kouchnareva.

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    Dwarf Mandurang Moon

    Dwarf Mandurang Moon is an early to mid-season potato leaf dwarf that produces lots of oval shaped ivory colored 1-2 oz cherry tomatoes with an excellent, well balanced flavor.

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    Dwarf Marong Moon

    Dwarf Marong Moon produces ivory colored round cherry tomatoes on a regular, rugose-leaf dwarf plant with a pleasant, balanced flavor. It is an early fruiting productive variety.

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    Dwarf Mary’s Cherry

    Dwarf Mary’s Cherry is a midseason regular leaf dwarf, 2-3 oz round to slightly oblate purple fruit, high yielding and very flavorful.

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    Dwarf Maura’s Cardinal

    Dwarf Maura’s Cardinal  produces medium sized (4-8 oz) red round tomatoes with a well balanced, delicious flavor. Plants reach around a metre+ / 3-4 ft by end of season. It is a prolific potato leaf variety and fruit ripens midseason.

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    Dwarf Melanie’s Ballet

    Dwarf Melanie’s Ballet is a midseason vigorous regular leaf dwarf that produces good quantities of 2-4 oz pink plum shaped tomatoes with an excellent flavor – one of the very first dwarf paste type tomatoes.

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    Dwarf Metallica

    Dwarf Metallica has regular leaf dwarf plants which produce lots of medium sized (6 ounce average) globe shaped purple tomatoes with distinct green stripes. The flavor is distinctive, assertive and well balanced. It is considered a mid to late season ripening variety.

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    Dwarf Mint Streak

    Dwarf Mint Streak has regular leaf dwarf plants which produce a very heavy yield of round 2-6 ounce (3-4 oz average) light and dark green striped fruit with varying amber blush, with green flesh when fully ripe, having a very pleasant well balanced flavor.

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    Dwarf Moby’s Cherry

    Dwarf Moby’s Cherry has regular leaf dwarf plants which produce excellent yields of large smooth yellow cherry tomatoes, in the 1-2 ounce range, with well balanced, delicious flavor and a texture perfect for grilling, salads and salsas. It should be considered as an early to mid-season variety.

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    Dwarf Moliagul Moon

    Dwarf Moliagul Moon is an early to mid season regular leaf dwarf plant that produced loads of 1-3 oz ivory cherry to oblate slicing type tomatoes with a well balanced, delicious flavor.