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  • Chocolate Lightning

    Chocolate Lightning is a regular leaf dwarf variety that produces oblate medium to medium large fruit that ripen to a brick red chocolate color with vertical green and gold stripes. The flavor is well balanced and rich. Photo by Susan Oliverson.

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    Clare Valley Pink

    Clare Valley Pink is a vigorous regular leaf dwarf that produces good yields of round pink small to medium sized tomatoes with a nice balanced flavor. It is a mid-season variety on average.

  • Clare Valley Red

    Clare Valley Red is an early season regular leaf variety which produces abundant round red small to medium tomatoes with typical tomato flavour all season long on a compact plant to around 3ft / one metre. Photo by Patrina.

  • Coorong Pink

    Coorong Pink is an early-season regular leaf dwarf with heavy yields of small to medium 5 – 8oz smooth mostly round pink fruit. Plants reach around a metre+ / 4 ft by end of season and become very heavy with fruit requiring strong support. Photo by Patrina.

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    Dwarf Almadine

    Dwarf Almadine has regular leaf plants which are very productive, and the medium sized (average 4 oz) purple paste type tomatoes are produced in abundance with a pleasant, balanced flavor. It is a mid to late season variety.

  • Dwarf Amy’s Ohio

    Dwarf Amy’s Ohio has regular leaf plants which produce lots of medium sized (3 oz average) yellow skinned, green fleshed round tomatoes with a well balanced, pleasant flavor. It is considered a midseason variety. Photo by Alexander Chumis

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    Dwarf Andy’s Forty

    Dwarf Andy’s Forty is a midseason regular leaf dwarf, 4-8 oz brown fruit with vertical green stripes, high yielding variety with nice balanced flavor.

  • Dwarf Arctic Rose

    Dwarf Arctic Rose is a regular leaf dwarf variety that produces oblate medium sized fruit that ripen to a crimson pink hue. The flavor is well balanced and sweet, and the variety is quite prolific. Photo by Tatiana Kouchnareva.

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    Dwarf Audrey’s Love

    Dwarf Audrey’s Love has regular leaf dwarf plants which produce a very heavy yield of plum shaped 2-4 ounce chocolate colored tomatoes with green stripes, having an excellent, well balanced flavor. It is a midseason ripening variety.

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    Dwarf Awesome

    Dwarf Awesome is a mid to late-season regular leaf dwarf that produces high yields of 6-8 oz round to oblate yellow tomatoes with red blushing in and out, possessing a well-balanced, delicious taste.