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    Dwarf Mint Streak

    Dwarf Mint Streak has regular leaf dwarf plants which produce a very heavy yield of round 2-6 ounce (3-4 oz average) light and dark green striped fruit with varying amber blush, with green flesh when fully ripe, having a very pleasant well balanced flavor.

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    Dwarf Noah’s Stripes

    Dwarf Noah’s Stripes has regular leaf, rugose foliaged dwarf plants that produce high yields of medium to large (6-12 ounce) tomatoes quite early in the season. The smooth oblate fruit with a deep crimson interior are purple with distinct green striping, and possess a rich, lovely flavor that is well balanced between sweet and tart.

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    Dwarf Numbat

    Dwarf Numbat has  medium small round tomatoes which resemble the parent Green Zebra, being striped gold and green on the outside, with green, tart, tasty flesh. It is very prolific and a mid-season variety.

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    Dwarf Peppermint Stripes

    Dwarf Peppermint Stripes is a mid to late season regular leaf dwarf, 8-12 oz round to slightly oblate green fruit with light and dark green and pink stripes, green flesh with some pink marbling, high yielding and delicious.

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    Dwarf Purple Heartthrob

    Dwarf Purple Heartthrob produces midseason, medium to medium large strongly heart-shaped purple fruit with nearly metallic looking green stripes. The interior is a rich burgundy crimson. Flavor is well balanced, very classically tomato-ey, and delicious.

  • Dwarf Round Robin

    Dwarf Round Robin is a regular leaf variety which produces a very heavy yield of round 2 ounce chocolate fruit with green stripes with an excellent, well balanced flavor.  Photo by Alexander Chumis

  • Dwarf Saucy Mary

    Dwarf Saucy Mary is an early mid-season regular leaf dwarf, produces loads of 4-6 oz Roma-shaped green fleshed when ripe tomatoes fruit with dark and light green stripes, excellent yield and very flavorful. Photo by Heritage Tomato Seed.

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    Dwarf Speckled Heart

    Dwarf Speckled Heart produces smooth medium sized heart shaped tomatoes in abundance, of a brilliant scarlet red with golden stripes. Though its meatiness makes it perfect for sauces, the depth of balanced, rich flavor lead to uses for sandwiches and salads.

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    Dwarf Suz’s Beauty

    Dwarf Suz’s Beauty has regular leaf plants which produce lots of medium sized (5-8 ounce) slightly oblate bright yellow tomatoes with red stripes, and the yellow flesh has a central red blush. The flavor is distinctive, assertive and well balanced.

  • Fred’s Tie Dye

    Fred’s Tie Dye is a regular leaf dwarf variety that produces oblate medium to medium large fruit that ripen to a dusky rose purple hue with green and gold vertical stripes. The flavor is intense and well balanced, and the variety is quite prolific. Photo by Donna Kudrak, NJ