Mid to Late Season

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  • Aussie Drop

    Aussie Drop has regular leaf dwarf plants which produce a heavy yield of elongated 4 ounce (on average) purple tomatoes with an excellent, well balanced flavor. It is a late-midseason ripening variety. Photo by Patrina

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    Dwarf Almadine

    Dwarf Almadine has regular leaf plants which are very productive, and the medium sized (average 4 oz) purple paste type tomatoes are produced in abundance with a pleasant, balanced flavor. It is a mid to late season variety.

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    Dwarf Awesome

    Dwarf Awesome is a mid to late-season regular leaf dwarf that produces high yields of 6-8 oz round to oblate yellow tomatoes with red blushing in and out, possessing a well-balanced, delicious taste.

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    Dwarf Beauty’s Kiss

    Dwarf Beauty’s Kiss is a regular leaf variety which produces lots of medium sized (5-8 ounce) slightly oblate tomatoes that are primarily green (clear skinned, green flesh) with variable purple mottling in and out. The flavor is distinctive, assertive and well balanced.

  • Dwarf Black Angus

    Dwarf Black Angus is a mid to mid-late season regular leaf dwarf that produced very good yields of 6-12 ounce smooth oblate purple fruit with a rich, well-balanced flavor. Photo by Patrina

  • Dwarf Confetti

    Dwarf Confetti in a mid to late season regular leaf dwarf, 8-12 oz round to slightly oblate bright yellow fruit with yellow and pink stripes, yellow flesh with some pink marbling, high yielding and delicious. Photo by Heritage Tomato Seed.

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    Dwarf Edith Stone

    Dwarf Edith Stone produces medium sized, mid-season fruit which are smooth, scarlet red with yellow stripes, very tasty and abundant.

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    Dwarf Elsie’s Fancy

    Dwarf Elsie’s Fancy has potato leaf variegated foliage and medium to large (6-12 ounce) yellow fruit. Yields are consistently high for this mid to late season dwarf variety, and the flavor is outstanding, well balanced between sweet tart and quite intense.

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    Dwarf Goldfinch

    Dwarf Goldfinch is a potato leaf variety which produces lots of medium to large (up to 10 oz or more) bright yellow oblate tomatoes with a well balanced, delightful flavor. It is considered a mid- to late-season variety.

  • Dwarf Hannah’s Prize

    Dwarf Hannah’s Prize is a mid to mid-late season regular leaf dwarf, 6-12 oz round red fruit, excellent yields and very nice well-balanced flavor. Photo by Heritage Tomato Seed.